How to Create Ransomware and Protect in Java for Fun but not Profit!

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This course is for beginners, IT pros, software programmers, and Cyber Security researchers looking to get certified and land an entry-level Cyber Security position paying upwards of six figures! There are currently over a million Cyber Security job openings globally, and demand is greatly outpacing supply, which means more opportunity, job security, and higher pay for you! Each chapter closes with exercises putting your new learned skills into practical use immediately.

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In this course, you will learn how to create real-world Ransomware from scratch in Java. Thus, at the end of this course, we have cross-platform (running on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) Ransomware, which helps you better understand a hacker mind, and protect yourself, your network, and your company in a practical way. This course's primary motivation is to share the necessary knowledge and experience about Ransomware design by an experienced Ph.D. in Cyber Security. We hope our course simply helps you understand how real-world ransomware functionalities and details (by learning how to create one of them from scratch). Needless to say, by taking this course, you equip yourself with concrete skills to become a world-class malware analyst and gain high-paid jobs. Furthermore, we presumed the attendees have no background in malware writing. Hence, we explained all crucial points concretely and easily with multiple figures in simple language. For instance, you will learn necessary points about different cryptographic algorithms (e.g., Symmetric-key algorithm, Public-key cryptography, and hashes) as well as essential topics in Java programming such as hello-world program structures, OOP, strings, cryptographic APIs, file encryption and decryption, Java Virtual Machine bytecode, and Swing APIs. Finally, all videos are organized in chronological order so that a potential student can learn all necessary points from scratch step-by-step, along with private articles, and exercises, and source codes. This course comprises the following chapters:

* Prerequisite : VirtualBox. You will be asked to download and run a Windows 10 VM with IDA free, Ghidra, dotPeek, x86dbg, a hexadecimal editor, and miasm.

Who is it for? Computer Science Students, IT and cybersecurity specialists, developers, QA experts, system administrators, and novice bug hunters.

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Introduction and History of Ransomware Attacks

In this chapter, you will hear about what Ransomware essentially is and how it works. Moreover, you get acquainted with Ransomware attacks' history since 1980, so you will find out different scenarios of ransomware attacks and the common features between real-world Ransomware attacks, and why they are imposing severe cyber threats to the digital world.

At the end of this chapter, you will learn a few simple tips and tricks regarding preventing and protecting against ransomware attacks and how to preserve your sensitive data from any future hacking attacks.

Essential Cryptography

This section will learn the fundamental of cryptography with simple language, figures, and examples. For instance, you will understand the differences between symmetric, asymmetric, and hash functions in different programs, especially Ransomware. It helps security experts find keys in Ransomeware binary and recover encrypted files.

Moreover, you will learn why some ransomware has no keys, so why not contact the attackers under those circumstances.

Java Basics for Ransomware Design

In this chapter, you will figure out why Java is a charming language for designing practical ransomware. You will learn how to set up a decent and free programming environment for writing your ransomware. You will then find out why Java is a powerful language for writing cross-platform malware. For instance, you will see precisely the Java Virtual machine and how it allows your code to execute various operating systems smoothly. Moreover, you will learn how to create a Ransome building block named DoomDay0 in Java by learning Java components. For example, develop methods, classes, and variables inside a hello-world style program in IntelliJ IDEA

You will also learn how the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) built-in libraries can help us implement cryptographic functions (e.g., file encryption and decryption) in Java. This chapter includes the following topics:

Doom Day 0 - Implementing Your First Java Ransomware !

Now is time for putting your hands on the wheel; you will start to write your Ransomware in Java. Hence, you will begin by coding the main structure of "Doom Day 0". In each video of this chapter, you will implement one piece the ransomware. For example, finding sensitive and private files on the target machine, encrypting those files, and decrypting and recovering the encrypted files if the victim asks for the key.

This workshop will describe its main features step by step, and will let you explore the following topics:

Ransomware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, and Protection!

Lastly, after all that dirty work, you will learn practical techniques to perform reverse engineering on the binary ransomware files. Thus, you will learn how to extract its source code and detect its encryption algorithm and its key. Therefore, we can recover encrypted files and rescue your network without paying any ransom to the attackers. Moreover, you will get acquainted with a program analysis technique called call graph analysis on IntelliJ IDEA's extracted ransomware code.

As a bonus you will catch a few potential mistakes in Ransomware design, which help you to exploit and remove different real-world ransomware on the Internet.

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